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December Updates

New TW/XTW Season
A new season is starting, and the TW map will be reset on December 7th. The XTW season is also ending December 7th, however the map reset is still TBA. Anyone who has any unclaimed TW Pay/XTW rewards from the previous season has until December 16th to claim them before the sheets get cleared and the unclaimed coins/SoWs return to the faction bank to be reused. Also remember TW pay gets put on hold for the first couple weeks of the new season (typically just for the PvE TWs) until the amount of territory income is enough to exceed the cost of bidding.
Full Mailboxes TW Pay
Along with the TW map reset, the first weeks PvE TWs will not be needing to assign squads, but don't forget you still have XTW to sign up for! XTW will continue on as always without any breaks.

Forum Event
A fun forum event is ongoing until December 7th, don't miss your chance to win a prize!
How NOT To Be Scammed!

If someone pms you asking for a favor/to borrow an item/send you a link, please VERIFY it's actually someone you know by asking them to

  • Log their main, or
  • Use another chat medium such as Skype, Facebook, text, phone call (yes, phone calls still exist), etc..., and talk to you

Also, do NOT

  • Share accounts at all if possible, or
  • DO NOT enter your PWI Username and Password in any sites other than the official PWI website