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Hello Defiance,

It’s LuckyShots here and you can think of this as a kind of newsletter, I want to tell you about some the new(exciting) things going on in Defiance that you may or maynot be aware of. But before i do that we should take a quick look back at the season behind us!.

Recent officers: I joined Defiance back in May of this year, that makes it hard for me to comment on things before then. I have gotten to meet and TW with a lot of you, quickly I assumed lead of Archer Right. I can't remember precisely when iWillow and I became officers but it was around june/july. Yup we are still new but don't let that fool you :p. Also we have seen some long term officers step down, please be respectful to them :).

TW sign-ups:During this time we have watched a steady decrease in TW participation, all of us officers are concerned with this (past and present). Yet there is no single reason as to why this has occurred, So the question becomes how do we inflate this deflation. Us officers have discussed this at great length and honestly we can't make you sign-up for TW nor attend it, trust me we have attempted to do so. We are a TW faction and I strongly encourage you all to partake is this fun social activity, the power is in the your hands to make this difference.

The problems: we face exiting the TW season are not severe despite what some of you may think.(I personally have dealt with far worse). altho very complex us officers have been working tirelessly to alleviate the negative impacts of these displeasing situations. However managing a community like Defiance is no small feat, it's impossible to make everyone happy, infact its impossible to make anyone happy. That's not a negative notion either, truth of the matter is each person makes their own happiness, Start making yours today!. This is something you all can do to help make defiance a better place to be. An analogy for you to ponder, happy wife happy life :P.

New Officers: Now that the crappy stuff is out of the way, let's take a look at the future of Defiance. We are looking for new officers and leaders to help reduce the load on our small team of dedicated servants :P, we have already made some promotions so please take the time to congratulate paynemaxam and Teddy_Tiger for stepping up and offering to help this faction. But don't fret, we have a few more spaces and would love to fill our ranks so, more information about becoming an officer or x/TW leader can be found here. - Ongoing

TW pay is CHANGING, moving forward into the new TW season we will be clearing all of the unclaimed TW pay. Please make sure that you claim all of it before maint (tuesday 9/08/16). Unclaimed TW pay is the result of your mailbox being full, we are unable to mail you about it because it is full. It's your responsibility to claim it NOW, follow this link - Complete

Banner event: We are also in need of a facelift, this is an event that has been running for some time now, it's in its final stages and you have the chance to influence what banner our website will have. There is some great artwork there, you might want to sus out our potential new banner. - Complete

Faction Rule: We are also drafting up a new set of rules, policies and procedures. This is to clearly define what is already expected from you the members, us the officers and, remove the transparency of some rules you may not realise exist. This drafting is very early in its stage so i can't reveal much more but, be expecting us to revise the rules in the near future. - Ongoing

Ventrilo: There isn't a lot to say but we have been reviewing our ventrilo service, during this time we have also reviewed other options such as TeamSpeak, Mumble and Discord. However none of them meet the requirements for our war effort, in doing this review we discovered that another service provider offers the same plan for half the price. While we haven't finalized anything yet, we have been looking over the details and planning the smoothest transition we can muster. Please be aware that we may in fact move and, be prepared to to do your part during this possible migration. - Complete

Onwards: With a new set of servants(officers) and more clearly defines rules you can expect us to implement more exciting changes down the track, very hard to speculate at this stage but I am truly grateful to be here at this time in Defiance. So if you're ready to make Defiance better, stronger and prideful again, it's time to step up to the plate!.

Defiance Executor.
How NOT To Be Scammed!

If someone pms you asking for a favor/to borrow an item/send you a link, please VERIFY it's actually someone you know by asking them to

  • Log their main, or
  • Use another chat medium such as Skype, Facebook, text, phone call (yes, phone calls still exist), etc..., and talk to you

Also, do NOT

  • Share accounts at all if possible, or
  • DO NOT enter your PWI Username and Password in any sites other than the official PWI website