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What's Happening
January Updates

Tw Pay will be resuming now that PvE TWs are over. Last Season's XTW rewards will be sent out soon after GMs send us the rewards.
XTW Raffles for October, November, and December

New Years Event
Defiance Superlatives 2016

Increasing Requirements
Update Dec. 16th
How NOT To Be Scammed!

If someone pms you asking for a favor/to borrow an item/send you a link, please VERIFY it's actually someone you know by asking them to

  • Log their main, or
  • Use another chat medium such as Skype, Facebook, text, phone call (yes, phone calls still exist), etc..., and talk to you

Also, do NOT

  • Share accounts at all if possible, or
  • DO NOT enter your PWI Username and Password in any sites other than the official PWI website