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What's Happening, October Edition
October Newsletter

I want feedback!
So I have been running this newsletter for the past 3 months now (I think), so I want to ask; how I am doing with it? Is the information I post helpful to you
? is there something else I should be addressing? or are you happy exactly as it is? Honestly I am kinda busy and want to know if I should continue, so your feedback will be much appreciated.

PWI Expansion: Primal Warfare
Arc Games has just announced their latest PWI content update, seems to be new information daily. Sorry I haven't seen an ETA, my guess is before the end of this month!

xTW Rewards:
We have begun mailing out rewards. We have everything detailed in the first thread "XTW Season 2 Rewards" so check on it out for our progress! (or was your mailbox full?). We are also doing a raffle with some of the loot, check "XTW Season 2 Raffle" to see who won!

Faction Rule:
Our rules page was updated last month, please take the time to review them. Yes it's only 1 page of the 6 I mentioned earlier, I have decided to break the rules up into smaller manageable parts, so 5 pages left to go. Most of the remaining rules pertains to the officers and how we operate. Once we have these in place, I plan to continue building upon them, bringing more information to you, yes it will take some time (I've got lots to juggle). - Ongoing

Officers Changes
So some time last month us officers got talking and, decided it was due for us to move around. Diz has stepped down and is now a valued executor. I have replaced Diz as your director, I hope you are all are as please with this as I am. Since I have vacated a marshal role we have decided to promote NivaValo, please congratulate her :). We are still looking for more officers! review the thread here. - Ongoing

Fashion Event: Halloween
We are holding a Halloween artwork themed fashion event. It will be open all this month, so there's plenty of time for you to prepare. There are prizes to be won!

TW wise
Looks like we will be facing off GD for a while, we were successful at removing Historic from the equation (at least for now). GD has indeed become more of a challenge, but they are not unbeatable. Please sign up for TW, we want to make the best squads possible to combat this Foe! Also ask your friends if they would be interested in fighting GD, more members will go along way!

Defiance Director.
How NOT To Be Scammed!

If someone pms you asking for a favor/to borrow an item/send you a link, please VERIFY it's actually someone you know by asking them to

  • Log their main, or
  • Use another chat medium such as Skype, Facebook, text, phone call (yes, phone calls still exist), etc..., and talk to you

Also, do NOT

  • Share accounts at all if possible, or
  • DO NOT enter your PWI Username and Password in any sites other than the official PWI website