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Hello Defiance: here is the news for the month of september!

Our New TW season:
Looks like our TW season is finally heating up, GD just moved closer to us and a possible war between us and them is very likely. To get closer to us they had to go thur historic, took over an hour so both faction are comparable and our signups have been just under 40. So if you have been waiting for a good fight it is time to pay attention!

xTW rewards:
So PWI has done something funny and it looks like we have got rewards from xTW, you should have received some event gold recently as part of that reward. We are currently working through how to fairly distribute these items in the faction, follow to link for more details.

Apologies to everyone who attended the flipside TW and was unable to get into your squad channel.  Everything has been fixed, you can review the summary here. Note for all new members, you’ll be able to get into vent without an account however, you will not get into the TW rooms without one. It is your responsibility to ensure you are TW ready! Follow the link. - Complete

New Officers:
We are still looking for more officers, TW squad leads and xTW squad leaders. For example I have no idea when it comes to xTW lol. If you're available and can help us out please follow this link. - Ongoing

Faction Rule:
This is still going ahead, unfortunately both me and fizz have become over burdened with real life stuff, but don't fret it is near completion. There is over 6 pages of text and the remaining rules require some research to finish off. As soon as our real lives lighten up you can expect us to move it promptly into the next stage, Officer's review. This is to ensure we (me and fizz) got it right. - Stalled Progressing

Application Requirements:
Our faction requirements have changed for applicants, RA2 G16 wep and G16 armor and 500 spirit is now the requirement. This was brought in before we could correctly announce it as the result of an ongoing discussion, let us know what you think here.

Defiance Marshal.
How NOT To Be Scammed!

If someone pms you asking for a favor/to borrow an item/send you a link, please VERIFY it's actually someone you know by asking them to

  • Log their main, or
  • Use another chat medium such as Skype, Facebook, text, phone call (yes, phone calls still exist), etc..., and talk to you

Also, do NOT

  • Share accounts at all if possible, or
  • DO NOT enter your PWI Username and Password in any sites other than the official PWI website